A Brief History:

The Old Chapel holds a unique place in the religious history of Upminster.

It was built in 1800 as an alternative place of worship for Protestant Dissenters. This group were known as ‘Dissenters’ because they moved away from the established church. In Upminster, this was partly due to a dispute over tithe payments (payments made by parishioners to the parish church to fund its upkeep). The congregation of the Old Chapel then grew steadily throughout the Victorian era.

This group worshipped at the Old Chapel until 1911. The growth of Upminster as a garden suburb led to the number of worshippers at the Old Chapel increasing. The decision was taken to move to new premises. Trinity Church on Station Road in Upminster was built to accommodate the congregation.

Another Christian group, the Brethren, then worshipped at the Old Chapel from 1911 – 1989.